Most of people’s first image for underwear is made by cotton, but there has been no innovation in designing for cotton underwear. However, they still remain as the most preferred material. Cotton is a soft material that comes with breathable properties. Moreover, people choose cotton underwear because it is inexpensive and can be easily worn in different weather condition. However when you are exercising or playing a game of basketball or golf, it is better to ditch the cotton underwear due to cotton is easy to absorb the sweat, but it is hard to dry. So, choosing the underwear which is made by functional fabric such as polyester or nylon is another option.



It is a fast gaining popularity in the sports underwear industry. Polyester fabrics can be made the function by physical or chemical way to come with wicking & moisture or anti-bacterial functions. Besides, the colorfastness of polyester is better than cotton, and the weight of polyester is also lighter than cotton. If your job involves you to stay out in the sun for a long time or you like to do exercise, make sure you pick up an underwear made up of polyester.



Comparing with polyester, the cost of nylon is more expensive. However, good extensibility, good abrasion, light weight, soft and smooth touch, and anti-static are all its advantage. Nylon is a hydrophilic fiber, so it also has cooling effect. In order to strengthen the cooling function, some of companies will add mineral powder to the yarn to enhance the durability of cooling. If you are someone who likes to work out, nylon is the best material, however, if you are traveling in hot and humid condition, nylon underwear is not recommended.


It is not because I'm engaged in the business of synthetic fabrics, so I said synthetic fabrics are good. Actually, I also have these three kinds of material underwear, and base on different activities and condition to wear it. If you are same as me, you will know what I’m talking about. If not, please purchase one pair of polyester or nylon underwear, and try it. You will find something will be different. 

Written by Ecosyn, Eason Chen