What is spun poly?

Spun poly or otherwise known as spun polyester is made by spinning 100% polyester fibers into yarns. It wears like polyester, but feels like cotton. Polyester is a very durable and long lasting synthetic fabric, but the only downfall with using it is that it feels fake and synthetic and not very luxurious. It doesn't have the same softness and it can give a somewhat 'cheap' impression. However, spun polyester actually feels like cotton. The material handles like cotton, folds like cotton and even absorbs like cotton.                                                                            




6 Reasons you will love spun poly


Spun poly is soft. Really soft! Like, "cotton-soft".

We don't mean soft like a fluffy pillow. Spun poly is tremendously soft compared to much of the traditional polyester on the market (which can have almost a "plastic-like" feel).



It feels like cotton, but it doesn't wrinkle like cotton.

Why is spun poly such an awesome material? That is because it has the softness of cotton, but because it's made of 100% polyester, it doesn't wrinkle like cotton, and so much easier to care for.



Laundering spun poly is as easy as traditional polyester.

One of the best things about polyester is how easy it is to launder, and spun poly is no different. Besides, spun poly fabric is completely machine washable and dryer safe.




The shrinkage of spun poly is better than cotton.

By using spun poly you will not have to worry about drying your clothes at the wrong temperature and reducing the size. Spun poly will stay the same size if you have washed it 1 or 100 times.



Spun poly has greater wash-ability comparing with cotton.

The colorfastness of washing is better than cotton, and Spun poly is much easier to remove the stain.



It can be dyed sublimation.

Spun poly is 100% polyester, so it can be designed for those who want the feel of a high-end "beefy" athletic T-shirt. It is excellent for creating custom fashions with dye sublimation.