Because of loving sports, Ecosyn family and our members’ families and friends held the first badminton game. The game is divided into black and white teams, and their team captains Matt and Ryan picked up their own players. There are 5 games in total, namely men's doubles x3 and mixed doubles x2. We also arranged photographer, host and referee on site.

Before the game, everyone also trained in different ways for several weeks. On the day of the game, although it was very nervous at the beginning, as the game progressed, everyone let go of their mood with time and played at their own pace. In the end, the black team won the game with a score of 3:2.

We define this as an unprofessional game, because our photographer, host, and referee are all served by our families and friends, but everyone is very active in participating the game and enjoy it. There is joy in tension, and this is why we love sports. Looking forward to the second badminton game or other different events in the future soon.