According to estimates, every year has 12.7 million tons of plastic waste, which will eventually flow to the sea. Calculating this amazing number, it is equivalent to a truck of plastic garbage being dumped into the sea every minute. So much garbage, no wonder it will cause serious harm to marine life. The United Nations has regarded plastic waste as a global crisis second only to climate change.

The beach cleanup activity was jointly organized with our suppliers, and we chose to hold it on weekend, in the hope that our colleagues can bring their family and friends to participate in this activity. We spent about 2 hours on this beach and collected a total of about 20-30 bags of garbage. At the same time that day, other groups also came to clean this beach. We are very happy that the issue of marine pollution has now been paid more and more attention.

As a manufacturer of the textile industry, Ecosyn has always been pursuing the sustainable development of the environment. We may not be able to completely stop the use of synthetic fiber materials, but we can do a little bit of our own efforts to help our oceans better. More importantly, we hope that through this activity, our next generation and friends who were less concerned about environmental issues can have a deeper feeling. It is never too late to take care of our environment. As long as each of us can do our best, this environment can be changed.